Our goals are high…and achievable.

The Foundation’s primary goal is to successfully operate as a charitable conduit organization that educates the public about and aids victims of domestic violence and abuse. Through appropriate channeling of the funding we receive – and the development of corporate alliances – together we will be able to help victims get to a “safe” place in their lives… so they no longer have to live in daily fear of being abused or victimized. Because victims cross every age and income bracket, our task is great – yet we surge forward, undeterred.

Presently, our focus is to aid domestic violence and abuse victims in the USA. However, we soon foresee future international alliances, networking with charitable organizations worldwide that share our mission and goals. We strive to connect globally – carrying with us the noble intention of growing an international support network for victims. Through a wide-variety of fundraisers, partnerships, and direct community engagement, we seek to achieve our goals both for the betterment of our local communities and for countless communities abroad.

"Victims of domestic violence can be shown a ray of hope – and learn that a safe life, free of abuse & fear, can be theirs"

Our Foundation was founded by key professionals, who – even though they hail from diverse backgrounds, and industries – came together because they each are compassionate and active advocates who possess the dedication to bring hidden or often-overlooked facts out of the shadows, and to do something about it. In common, they share an unwavering commitment to make life better for all – especially for victims who just cannot “see a “way out” of their abusive situation.

The Stop The Abuse Foundation is based on a solid platform of principles: to make a difference and to raise the public’s awareness of the realities, staggering statistics and the horrifying frequency of domestic violence and abuse incidences that occur every single day – as close as in your very own communities.

Domestic violence and abuse is literally occurring everywhere – every minute, 20 people are victims of physical domestic violence. You can help put a stop to it, and change people’s lives.